XD Dark Ride Delivers Interactive Adventure to Guests at GameWorks

GameWorks has debuted a multi-sensory adventure ride that takes participants on an adrenaline-charged interactive journey complete with real-time 3D graphics, motion, light, sound and non-stop excitement.

In XD Dark Ride, participants use a “light gun” attached to each seat to obtain high scores in various adventures including Alien Asteroid, Forbidden Mine, Zombies, Gigamon and Pirates.This is the first XD Dark Ride interactive theater in Las Vegas according to TRIOTECH, creator of XD Dark Ride and award-winning immersive and interactive media-based attractions. TRIOTECH’s XD Dark Ride received an award from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) for “Best New Product” in the category of Family Entertainment Centers. The ride accommodates up to eight riders at a time and costs $7 per person. GameWorks is located next to Town Square AMC 18.